International Movie & Film Production Management CompanyThe mission of Global Village Productions is to craft complex, thought-provoking, and entertaining movies, in which the spark of the story is the interaction between characters from different cultures of the world.

Global Village Productions is looking for new creative projects to collaborate on, as well as financial opportunities to co-produce existing projects in various stages of development.

Having one foot in Europe and another in the U.S. is a competitive edge that translates into several aspects of film making. We are an independent production company that brings certain projects into the studio system. Artistically, we possess a European sophistication and sensibility which, transposed on the solid American commercial story-telling techniques we acquired here, will result in a unique, fresh product that will be a favorite with audiences and film critics alike. We bring films to market that offer a unique flavor for audiences around the world, as the world is our language. With our multi-national and multi-lingual film professionals, we organize film and movie contracts from start to finish, furnishing the necessary writers, production management services, staff, and equipment to help film finance professionals make their movie a successful production in both the US and international film market.

In terms of business, we have access to European state incentives, low cost production labor resources and government subsidies. Film producers and investors appreciate the advantages of additional American financing opportunities and U.S. distribution.

In short: we represent the best of both worlds: creative and financial.