Mystery/Drama/Action: Hwelte

Based on Roy McShane’s novel of the same title, this is the story of Chuck Hewitt, an American pilot in World War II , who is torn between the spiritual beliefs of his Navajo heritage and the modern world of the white man – ultimately finding himself through a whirlwind romance spanning several continents, decades and political regimes.

In 1942, while attempting to deliver B-25 bomber to Stalingrad, Chuck’s plane is shot. His Navajo grandmother uses a dangerous reverse-chant, invoking a mysterious Russian fighter to intercept Chuck’s B-25 and lead him to a secret airbase where he crash-lands. This is how Chuck stumbles on one of Stalin’s best-kept secrets – Soviet women fighter pilots known as “Free Hunters.” Chuck meets and falls for Tamara, one of the squadron’s top aces, who rescued Chuck from peril.

After he recovers from his injuries, Chuck returns to his homeland, planning to bring Tamara to America. But his efforts to reunite with the love of his life are destroyed by the descent of the Iron Curtain and growing U.S. – Soviet hostility. Chuck joins the CIA’s spy plane program as a pilot, while Tamara – believing that Chuck forgot about her – accepts Stalin’s offer to become the highest ranking “token” female pilot in the Soviet Air Force…

“Hwelte” is an epic love story in the vein of Dr. Zhivago and Casablanca: two lovers are separated by world politics but united by their love for each other – and their passion for flying.

Global Village Productions optioned movie rights to all 3 books by Roy McShane. Movie rights are available for sale world-wide.

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