Television Series/Docudrama: Sisters

International Film & Movie Production Management
Movie & Film Production ManagementLet’s play the “what if” game.  What if all social barriers and glass ceilings were abruptly removed from the lives of women?  In other words, what if women were allowed to volunteer for war on an equal footing with men? Thus flying and fighting in the air shoulder-to-shoulder with the men –  becoming officers commanding regiments and squadrons of fighters and bombers – and experiencing the equal opportunity to shed their blood along with men.  How would women deal with this type of “equal rights” – could women possibly rise to the occasion and meet this type of challenge?  Would women even want to?

This unique “equal rights” opportunity was actually dropped into Russian women’s laps, strictly on a volunteer basis, in the autumn of 1941.   By the close of World War II, almost 1,000 Russian women had flown combat missions in every type of Soviet warplane.  This was kept hidden, not by the Soviets, but by the Allies from the general public in the West.

When one shares blood and death in combat, dissolving all barriers and petty obstacles, one becomes closer than family.  This was why Russian women in the flying regiments called each others “sisters”

“Sisters” could be easily developed into an epic docudrama mini-series in the manner of the award winning “Band of Brothers,” or the upcoming Spielberg / Hanks mini-series sequel,  “The Pacific,” to be released in 2009.