Sci-Fi/Action: Metro 2033

This project was sold to a studio in March 2012.

International Film Production Management

Written by Dmitry Glukhovsky, “Metro 2033” is a science fiction novel with a supernatural twist and hard action drama. It was published in Russia in 2007, where it has sold over 250,000 copies in just one year, and was nominated for both the “National Bestseller” and the “The Big Book” awards. “The Moscow Times” suggested that it would make a perfect sci-fi blockbuster. “TimeOut” magazine called it “The Bestseller of the Year.” “Cosmopolitan” praised the book and eagerly announced its sequel, which is currently being written by Dmitry Glukhovsky.

The European Science Fiction Convention in Copenhagen in September 2007 named this book the most promising debut of 2007, and its author one of the best young authors in Europe.

Its German (Heyne / Random House), Spanish (Planeta) and Bulgarian (Ciela) translations will appear this year. Major American, British, Japanese, French, Italian, Portuguese and other foreign publishing houses have already expressed interest in purchasing rights for their countries.

The book is currently being translated into English. Two sample chapters in English are available. A detailed treatment in English will also be available by the end of July.

The story can be described as a unique post-apocalyptic mix of “Blade Runner,” “Resident Evil” and underground sci-fi version of “The Lord of the Rings,” with a wise philosophical angle and a powerful twist at the end. It is as interesting – but richer in plot and theme – as Lukashenko’s books “Nightwatch” and “Daywatch,” which were made into sci-fi films in Russia and were acquired and released in the U.S. by Fox. Fox was so impressed by these Russian movies that they also hired their director, Timur Bekmambetov, to direct “Wanted” and other big budget projects.

While the story takes place in Moscow, due to its universal theme, the location can be placed anywhere – New York, London, etc.

The story is a perfect fit for a big budget Hollywood film or TV-series. It has a powerful emotional story full of action and drama with an unexpected striking twist at the end.

In 2009, THQ (a major worldwide game publisher – will launch the global release of the video game “Metro 2033: The Last Refuge” on PC, XBOX and PS3 platforms. The game is in production right now, and once it is released, it will provide a powerful cross-marketing tool for the film.