Thailand Luxury Resort Property for Sale Phang Nga Bay

HOLLYWOOD – discovered Phang Nga Bay’s exotic mysteries decades ago –using its seductive beauty as the back drop for films that provided pure escapism for the viewer. Currently future projects are in the pre-production stage, and will be returning again to film their epics at the world’s most exotic location.

There is a natural spring alongside and within the property’s North Boundary, offering an unlimited supply of free water for swimming pools, fountains, and other living utilities.

We are offering 16 Rai and 288 Wah (26,752 Sq. Meters or 6.69 Acres) of Land For Sale in a choice location for villas, condos, or hotels.

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Kids Rights was released 11/2014

Kids Rights was released 11/2014 by Cinema Libre Studio.

This film is available now to rent or purchase on Amazon or Target.

Kids Rights Trailer

“KIDS-R” is getting out to public

KIDS-R is sceduled for release in May, 2014.

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Metro 2033 Update

We are excited to anticipate a first draft of the script for Metro 2033 in late January 2013.

Happy New Year 2015

To all of our professional colleagues, friends, family, and world, Global Village Productions wishes you a Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true.

“Dreams at first seem impossible, then seem improbable, and finally, when we commit ourselves, become inevitable” – Mahatma Gandhi

At All Costs

We are pleased to announce that after careful consideration we have selected a seasoned writer to polish our darling story At All Costs. We anticipate within a in a couple months we will have great improvements to both dialogue and action scenes. Discussions are underway with project investors for final budget.

Metro 2033 | Screen Rights Aquired by MGM Studios

MGM has acquired screen rights to the Russian sci-fi novel Metro 2033 by Dmitri Glukhovsky. Script will be written by F. Scott Frazier and produced by Mark Johnson of Gran Via Productions. Metro has evolved into a 20 book series in Russia and Glukhovsky is working on licensing in additional countries. Metro has been translated into  35 different languages and made into a video game by 4A Games, with a sequel planned for 2013. Metro first appeared online in 2002 and in 2005 finally published as a Russian novel.

Metro 2033 is set in the year 2033 after a nuclear explosion in Moscow leaves survivors forced to survive underground and throughout the Moscow subway system. One survivor is forced to cope with resulting highly charged political factions, remanence of the previous world, and a Fourth Reich.

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Documentary Film: KIDS-R

A young couple considers having a kid, but their opinions split – Olga wants to adopt as she thinks the world is already overpopulated and it’s better to give a chance to a kid already born. Michael wants to have a biological child first, but he is questioning himself whether they are ready as a couple to become parents.

To find the answer they dash to explore the whole new world for them.

The search for answers turns into an investigation that begins in cabinets of officials in the United States, and leads them into slums of Nepal and on the streets of Ukraine and China, main heroes enter churches and scientist’ cells, they question the best child psychologists and police officers, they interview people on the streets of New York, San Francisco and other U.S. cities, meet worldwide known celebrities, they enter dozens of houses and apartments around the world and cross mountains and jungles to find the answer.

As the couple got personally involved in a number of real life stories of failed and successful adoptions, in a life of abandoned and orphaned kids who are doomed to be raised in orphanages and on the streets, in a lives of families who are giving up their lives to raise their special needs children, they ask each other “Are we ready for kids? Are we good enough to be parents at all?”…

Everyone interviewed in the movie is asked “r U ready 4 kids?” no matter whether main heroes talk to grandfather, a mother of five or a teenage girl who is desperately in love for the first time. The film also touches on Elton John’s failed adoption of a Ukraine boy Lev and his views on parent and children’s’ adoption rights around the world.

Click to view article about Elton John’s anti-aids concert in Kiev we just co-produced.

Top 10 List of The Best Life Changing Movies of 2014 Announced Today.

KidsRight was released and it was ranked 5 of the 10 best film 2014!

BBC London premier of Kids Rights !!!!

Mystery/Psychological Thriller: Reborn

Strange events lead Natasha, a struggling actress, to believe that her mysterious unwanted pregnancy is the reincarnation of her recently passed-away mother, a Russian immigrant who sacrificed all for her family. Natasha feels torn between accepting a breakout role, and giving her mother a second chance to fulfill the dreams she selflessly gave up to raise her.

But what did her mother really want…? And is this truly her own mother she’s carrying, or is she going crazy?

The answer is revealed as an enigmatic force guides Natasha on a spiritual journey through a labyrinth of memories and fortuitous present-day events to discover her true calling.

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