Drama/Thriller/Action: At All Costs

International Film ProductionThe tale of an unlikely bond between two very different women: Lena, a hard-bitten Russian femme fatale, whose child is kidnapped by Yuri, her megalomaniac mafia boss, and is later “sold” to the unwitting Jane, an idealistic American career woman whose recent frustrations at work drive her to adopt a foreign baby on the spur of the moment.

Lena escapes to the U.S. in search of her lost child – but before taking off, as “insurance” she takes sensitive documents relating to Yuri’s secret plan to sell biological weapons to terrorists. When Yuri comes after Lena with the dark forces of the Russian underworld, he is surprised to be faced with two women who quickly put aside their dispute over who “deserves” to be Nadya’s mother, and unite their efforts in fighting for the life and freedom of a child who has become a bargaining chip in Yuri’s vicious game.

The two women of polar opposites learn to trust each other, but more importantly, they shoot guns, seduce, kick ass, outwit, chase and are chased – and by overcoming Yuri, they save the U.S. from the potentially most lethal bio-terrorist attack in history…