Documentary Film: KIDS-R

A young couple considers having a kid, but their opinions split – Olga wants to adopt as she thinks the world is already overpopulated and it’s better to give a chance to a kid already born. Michael wants to have a biological child first, but he is questioning himself whether they are ready as a couple to become parents.

To find the answer they dash to explore the whole new world for them.

The search for answers turns into an investigation that begins in cabinets of officials in the United States, and leads them into slums of Nepal and on the streets of Ukraine and China, main heroes enter churches and scientist’ cells, they question the best child psychologists and police officers, they interview people on the streets of New York, San Francisco and other U.S. cities, meet worldwide known celebrities, they enter dozens of houses and apartments around the world and cross mountains and jungles to find the answer.

As the couple got personally involved in a number of real life stories of failed and successful adoptions, in a life of abandoned and orphaned kids who are doomed to be raised in orphanages and on the streets, in a lives of families who are giving up their lives to raise their special needs children, they ask each other “Are we ready for kids? Are we good enough to be parents at all?”…

Everyone interviewed in the movie is asked “r U ready 4 kids?” no matter whether main heroes talk to grandfather, a mother of five or a teenage girl who is desperately in love for the first time. The film also touches on Elton John’s failed adoption of a Ukraine boy Lev and his views on parent and children’s’ adoption rights around the world.

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